Top 5 rank tracking tools for Website Performance

List of  Top 5 rank tracking tools

Rank tracking is an essential part of any SEO strategy as it helps track how well a website is performing in search engine results pages (SERPs). It also provides valuable insights into keyword rankings, organic traffic trends, and competitor analysis. With these insights, businesses can make informed decisions about their SEO strategies and optimize their websites accordingly. If you are looking for the best rank tracking tools to measure your website performance? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the top 5 rank tracking tools that can help you monitor and improve your website performance.

List of  Top 5 rank tracking tools

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMrush
  4. Moz Pro
  5. Serpstat

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search console is a free tool from Google allows users to track their website’s visibility on SERPs over time. It also provides detailed reports on clicks, impressions, CTRs (click-through rates), average position in SERP results pages, and more. Google Search Console URL inspection features allows users to check if a page has been indexed by Google or not; Structured Data Testing Tool which checks structured data markup; Mobile Usability Report which shows mobile usability issues; etc., making it one of the most comprehensive rank tr Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a free tool offered by Google that provides valuable insights into your website’s performance and helps you improve its visibility in search engine results pages. While it doesn’t offer a traditional rank tracking feature, it does provide information on your website’s search performance, including the keywords that are driving traffic to your site, the average position of your website for those keywords, and the click-through rate for each search query.

How to use Google Search Console to track your website’s rank?

In the Google Search Console, you can view your website’s search performance report to see how many clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and average position your website is receiving for specific queries. You can use this data to track your website’s search engine ranking for specific keywords over time.

Search Console's website's search performance

Google Search Console allows you to set up email notifications for specific changes in your website’s performance. For example, you can set up an alert to notify you if your website’s position for a specific keyword increases or decreases.

Search console email notifications

You can use Google Search Console to analyze your competitors’ websites and see which keywords they’re targeting and how they’re performing in search engine results pages. This information can help you identify areas where you need to improve your website’s ranking.

By analyzing the search queries that are driving traffic to your website, you can identify the keywords that are most important for your website and optimize your content to rank higher for those keywords.

search queries in google search console

2. Ahrefs

AhrefsAhrefs is another popular choice among SEO professionals due its features including backlink analysis & monitoring capabilities along with keyword research & ranking monitoring functions. The Rank Tracker feature enables users to keep tabs on their site’s progress across multiple countries/locations while providing useful metrics like domain rating (DR), number of referring domains (RD), estimated organic traffic potential (ETP), etc., allowing them to identify areas where they need improvement quickly and easily.

How to use Ahrefs to track your website’s rank?

Sign up for an Ahrefs account and log in to your dashboard.

Click on “Site Explorer” in the top navigation menu and enter your website’s URL in the search bar. Then click on the “Search” button.

Introduction to Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs will display a range of data on your website, including its Domain Rating (DR), backlinks, organic search traffic, and more. To track your website’s rankings, click on the “Organic Search” tab in the left-hand menu.

On the “Organic Search” page, you’ll see a graph of your website’s search visibility over time, as well as a list of the top organic keywords that your website is ranking for.

Ahref Organic Search

To track your website’s rank for a specific keyword, enter the keyword in the search bar and click on the “Search” button.

Ahrefs will display data on your website’s rank for that keyword, including its current rank, search volume, and traffic potential. You can also see how your website’s rank for that keyword has changed over time.

3. SEMrush

SEMrushSEMrush is another great option when it comes to rank tracking as it offers both automated daily updates as well as manual checking options depending upon user preferences & requirements. Its Position Tracking tool gives users access to real-time data regarding changes in rankings across different devices & locations while its Competitor Analysis feature helps compare competitors’ keywords & positions side-by-side with yours for better understanding of market dynamics & opportunities for growth/improvement within your niche market segmentation strategy .

How to use SEMrush to track your website’s rank?

Log in to your SEMrush account and select the “Position Tracking” option from the main menu.

SEMrush Position Tracking

Click on the “New Position Tracking” button to create a new project.

New Position Tracking

Enter the domain name and the location you want to track your website’s rank for. You can choose a specific country, region, or city.

Choose the keywords you want to track your website’s rank for. You can add up to 1,000 keywords in the free version of SEMrush.

SEMrush Keyword Position tracking

Select the search engines you want to track your website’s rank for. SEMrush supports tracking for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

Choose the frequency of the rank tracking updates. SEMrush allows you to choose from daily, weekly, or monthly updates

4. Moz Pro

Moz ProMoz Pro is yet another excellent choice when it comes to keeping tabs on your site’s performance in SERPs thanks largely due its intuitive interface that makes navigating through various features easy even for beginners who may not have much experience working with similar software before now. Its Rank Tracker module lets you view historical data related to keyword rankings over time, enabling quick identification of trends or patterns that could indicate potential problems or opportunities worth exploring further, Moz Pro also includes other helpful modules such as Link Explorer, Site Crawl , Keyword Research Tool , On Page Optimization Checker , etc., all designed specifically towards helping webmasters get maximum value out from their online presence efforts .

How to use MOZ Pro to track your website’s rank?

Start by creating a Moz Pro account and setting up your campaign. You’ll need to enter your website URL, choose your search engines and locations, and select the keywords you want to track.

Moz Pro will begin tracking your website’s ranking performance for the selected keywords. You’ll be able to see your website’s current rank, as well as changes in rank over time.

MOZ Pro to track your website's rank

In addition to rank tracking, Moz Pro also offers other SEO features such as site audits, backlink analysis, and keyword research. These tools can help you identify opportunities for improvement and develop an effective SEO strategy

5. Serpstat


Last but certainly not least we have Serpstat – an all -in -one platform offering comprehensive analytics covering everything from PPC campaigns management through content marketing optimization up until full fledged SEO audit services . Amongst many other things offered by this platform there’s also a dedicated Rank Tracking module capable of delivering accurate information about current positions held by tracked keywords across multiple search engines including

How to use Serpstat to track your website’s rank?

With Serpstat’s rank tracking feature, you can track your website’s ranking positions for specific keywords over time. This allows you to see how your rankings are changing and identify opportunities to improve your SEO strategy.

Serpstat to track your website's rank

You can also track your competitors’ rankings for the same keywords, allowing you to benchmark your performance against theirs and identify areas for improvement.

One of the key benefits of Serpstat’s rank tracking feature is its accuracy.

Serpstat website ranking

The tool uses real-time data from search engines to provide up-to-date and accurate ranking information. It also provides detailed reports that allow you to see how your website is performing in search results and identify areas where you can improve your rankings.

Final Words!!

These are just some examples of what each tool has offer but there are plenty more out there waiting be explored so don’t hesitate do some research yourself find perfect fit needs ! No matter what type business running having reliable source information always beneficial especially when comes optimizing digital presence ensuring success long run.

We hope this article was helpful in giving you an overview about the top 5 rank tracking tools available today! Let us know if you know any other tools superior to the above-mentioned tools in comments below!