How to find competitor backlinks using Ahrefs & do custom outreach for link-building campaign?

How to find competitor backlinks using Ahrefs

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links from the external websites that represent your website. In simple terms, Backlinks are linked from one website to another. Building backlinks are one of the important SEO tactics because, it helps search engine to understand the authority and relevance of a website. When a website has a lot of high-quality backlinks pointing to it, it is seen as a more authoritative and trustworthy source of information by search engines. This can lead to higher search engine rankings and more organic traffic.

Same time nor all backlinks are treated as equal. Backlinks from high-authority websites that are relevant to your niche are more valuable than backlinks from low-quality websites or unrelated sources. Additionally, the anchor text of the link (the text that is used to create the link) and the context surrounding the link also play a role in determining the quality and relevance of a backlink.

In general, building high-quality backlinks through SEO practices such as guest posting, creating valuable content, and building relationships with other websites in your niche can improve your website’s search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

What are Backlinks

Ahrefs’ Backlink checker

Ahrefs is one of the powerful backlink checkers for finding backlinks to a website. Not only for backlink research, but you can also use Ahrefs for competitive analysis, keyword research, and finding new link-building opportunities. Ahrefs offers a range of features, including backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis, that can help optimize websites for search engines.

In this blog, we can see how to use Ahrefs to find your competitors’ backlinks. Also, you can use other tools like Majestic, Moz, SEMrush to find your competitors’ backlinks.

When it comes to link building, one of the most powerful SEO techniques is to find high-quality backlink opportunities. Thankfully, with Ahrefs, this process is easier than ever before. To get started, click on the Ahrefs dashboard and click the “Backlinks” tab. From there, you’ll be able to see all the backlinks pointing to your website.

The key features of Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Ahrefs’ Backlink checker is a comprehensive tool for backlink analysis and link-building process in SEO. Whether you are looking to analyze your backlink profile or stay ahead of the competition, Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker can provide you with all the necessary data and insights you need to succeed in SEO. Check out the key features of Ahrefs’ tool

Backlink Analysis

Ahrefs’ Backlink checker allows you to see all the backlinks pointing to a particular website, along with metrics such as the linking domain’s authority, domain rating,  anchor text, and the link type.

The key features of Ahrefs' Backlink Checker

Competitor Analysis

Ahrefs’ Backlink checker to analyze your competitors’ backlinks and to check where they are getting their links from. This can help you to identify new link-building opportunities and to stay ahead of the competition.

Link building opportunities

Ahrefs’ Backlink checker also helps you discover new link-building opportunities by showing you websites linking to your competitors but not to your website. This can help you identify potential sites to reach out to for link building.

Historical Data

Ahrefs’ Backlink checker provides historical data on a website’s backlink profile, allowing you to see how it has evolved over time and identify any sudden changes in its backlink profile.

Reporting and Analysis

Ahrefs’ Backlink checker provides various reporting and analysis tools, such as charts and graphs, to help you visualize your backlink data and identify trends over time.

How to find competitor backlinks using Ahrefs?

By using Ahrefs, website owners can identify high-value backlinks, track keyword rankings and analyze their competition, which can lead to better SEO performance and increased website traffic. Utilizing Ahrefs’ you can get quality of backlinks, also prioritize and optimize your link-building opportunities. With Ahrefs’ it’s easier to find valuable backlinks that can boost a website’s search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic.

Steps to find link building opportunities in Ahref

To find backlinks using Ahrefs, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to Ahrefs’ account if you don’t have to create a new account by using a sign-up option.
  2. After logging in, click on “Site Explorer” on the top of the menu bar.  fining backlinks via Ahref
  3. Now enter your competitor’s domain address in the search bar and click search.
  4. It will take you to the next page, here, you can see the ” Backlinks” tab which displays a list of backlinks pointing to your competitor’s website.
  5. Filters option is available on your left side of the age to filter the results based on their link type, language and region.

Ahref tool for backlink analysis

  1. To get the details of a specific backlink, you can click on that particular “Link”. This will show you a detailed link analysis like anchor text, domain rating, link type, referring domains, page traffic and domain authority.
  2. You can repeat this process to find the backlink information for each of your competitors.check competitor backlinks from Ahref
  3. Export and record all the data in a separate Google sheet to track the details of your competitor’s domains.

Using Ahrefs to find backlinks is a great way to analyze your website’s performance and identify opportunities to improve your SEO. By regularly monitoring your backlinks and analyzing your competitor’s backlinks, you can stay ahead of the competition and improve your website’s search engine rankings over time.

Custom Outreach

Now, move on to how to build links through custom outreach for link building campaign. Custom outreach is a crucial component of a successful link-building campaign. Custom outreach involves reaching out to websites in your niche and requesting that they link back to your website. Here you are going to connect with the real person, who may be a blogger, website owner. So, make sure to build a custom outreach email like how to talk to them, if you meet them in your real life.

Link building outreach

How to do custom outreach for link building campaign?

Here are the steps you can follow to create a custom outreach strategy for your link building campaign

1.      Identify relevant website

For custom outreach link building, start by identifying potential websites in your niche that would be fit for your link building process. Look for a website having relevant content to yours and also have a good domain authority.

2.      Do Research to get contact

After finding a relevant website, do some research on their websites to identify the best person to reach out. The person may be an author, editor, content manager or blog owner.

3.      Personalize your outreach

Before reaching out to the websites, make sure to personalize your outreach by using a high-quality content. Use the website owner’s name and explain how your content would be a good fit for their website.

4.      Offer Value

Offer them something in exchange for the link, like guest post or social media mentions.

5.      Regular Follow up

Follow them regularly to get a proper response. Find their social media channels and be in touch with them in all social media like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Custom outreach can be time-consuming, but it is an effective way to build high-quality backlinks that can improve your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website. By following these steps, you can create a successful custom outreach strategy for your link building campaign.