What is the Rank Math SEO Tool? & How To Use It?

What is the Rank Math SEO Tool & How To Use It

One of the most crucial decisions you will make is selecting the ideal SEO plugin for your WordPress website. And because so many options are available, the greatest ones are sometimes ignored. For a number of reasons, the WordPress SEO plugin from Rank Math is unquestionably among the best. This blog will give a piece of knowledge about Rank Math SEO and its best features.

What is Rank Math SEO Tool?

What is Rank Math SEO Tool

With the help of search engines like Google, you can ensure that as many people as possible see your website by using search engine optimisation (SEO). Rank Math SEO is a potent SEO plugin for WordPress CMS that makes it easy for anyone, regardless of skill level, to boost the SEO of their content.

 Rank was developed by the same group that founded MyThemeShop, a well-known provider of WordPress themes and plugins, which has produced a freemium WordPress SEO plugin.

Rank Math includes many tools that can advance your Search Engine Optimisation and consists of all you need to ensure your content is optimised to reach the keywords you seek.

How to Install the Rank Math Plugin?

Installation of the Rank Math Plugin in WordPress is not a complicated part, actually, that’s an easy one. Let me tell you how; it only takes about three steps.

  • Click over the Plugins option in the WordPress menu and then select the Add New option to get started.
  • Use the search field to look for Rank Math and then click Install.
  • Rank Math Plugin will be installed and active in a short while. Verify this by seeing if it appears on your plugin page.

Now that you know how to install the Plugin, let’s move on to the features and techniques to improve the SEO using this advanced tool called Rank Math.

Key Features of Rank Math

Key Features of Rank Math

There are so many features and techniques that are included in the Rank Math SEO plugin to optimise the website, and such features are,

Easy To Use Dashboard

The first distinctive quality of Rank Math is its user interface, which is clear and simplistic. Together with excellent visualisation tools, the dashboard offers you a tonne of significant metrics, including search traffic and click measures, that you can use to enhance the content on your website. In addition, the dashboard is simple to use, and the settings are simple to modify.

Data Integration

Understanding data, along with how consumers find, use, and respond to your website, is the foundation of SEO. Rank Math accommodates this by incorporating the Google Analytics and Google Search Console modules in the free version. However, the commercial version is significantly better as it allows you to track weekly rankings and has access to even more data.

Good Visual Interface

The good user visual interface is simple but efficient. The plugin displays essential information about your SEO services alongside the post itself in live time, enabling you to improve the on-page SEO of your content while still in the text editor. In addition, it provides a score between 0 and 100, with a green score representing that you have scored more than 80 points.

Keyword Optimisation

keyword optimisation

In addition to the outstanding in-editor SEO optimisation, the Rank Math dashboard also allows you to look more closely at keyword research. For example, your site’s frequency in search results, the overall number of keywords it ranks for, the number of clicks it receives, and other information are all available to you.

It’s usually helpful to visualise this information because it helps you understand the patterns on your website and the effectiveness of your strategies. These features from Rank Math are well appreciated as they are essential to effective SEO.

Link Building Recommendations

Rank Math will provide link recommendations while you write your posts to assist in your link-building approach if you choose the Link Suggestions option, which is a pretty fantastic tool.

Go to Titles & Meta > Posts in the Advanced Mode to enable the Link recommendations meta box. Near the bottom, there is a link suggestions option. Please turn on the switch to make it active.

You can choose to link to more pertinent posts that you or your team have written in the past using the link recommendations. This can be really helpful because you can link to pertinent information automatically without having to look for individual pieces, which is especially helpful if you’ve produced a lot of content in the past.

SEO Audit

seo audit

This plugin’s one-click SEO audit module is another excellent and trustworthy feature. The plugin’s analysis feature in the free and premium versions shows your performance score and what you can do to raise that score. Consider it as having your own SEO auditor available at all times.

While this feature is amazing, it’s important to note that it just addresses the essential elements of SEO and does not address every change a website can and should make in order to improve its SEO performance.

Automated SEO basics

To execute the SEO fundamentals, we mostly rely on tools or features as the field of SEO develops, content creation, and link building. One such automation function is the image optimiser module of Rank Math, which lets you configure the plugin to add the image title and ALT text automatically.

Google bots and other search engine crawling don’t know what infographics or features your image contains, so alt text in photos is crucial. Google is not as “seeing” as every human being. We utilise ALT text to give search engines a description of the image. To make a website accessible to persons with visual impairments and rely on screen readers to understand the knowledge of it, it is crucial to add the ALT text.


It’s a certainty a fact that Rank Math SEO should be regarded as a trustworthy WordPress SEO plugin. Other SEO plugins simply do not have the tools that Rank Math’s free edition of the software offers, and their premium version adds much more. In addition, this plugin’s on-page technical SEO features are particularly clear and powerful. Hence, Rank Math can undoubtedly assist you if you want to enhance the SEO of your website.