What is The Difference Between SEO & Google Ads?

What is The Difference Between SEO & Google Ads

When businesses are starting to make their online marketing, it is best to know the benefits of SEO and Google Ads before going to invest in them. The blog will explain both SEO and Google Ads as online marketing strategies, as well as the distinctions between the two, to assist you in comprehending the online marketing environment and making an informed choice.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the text on your current website or web pages. SEO improves your website’s content, particularly the articles and keywords that appear on its pages. Search engines will recognise your website and give it top billing in the search results by optimising these elements.

Most search engines are used by Internet users to find the information and products they want on the web. The first 20 search engine results are all that the average internet user looks at.

As it places websites in prominent positions on the first page of search results for keywords related to their product or service, SEO can significantly increase the profit margins of websites organically. There are different techniques to use as part of the SEO process to improve your website’s listings and move up the search engine result pages.

What is Google Ads?

What is Google Ads

Google Ads or Google Adwords is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that enables companies to place bids on keywords to have their ads appear in Google search results. Google Adwords displays an ad on Google in response to a keyword search. Every time someone clicks on your advertisement as part of this marketing campaign, you are charged a certain sum.

You can change your ads at any time to target a particular audience (based on interests, location, etc.) or advertise a particular offer or item. Small businesses that are unable to regularly update their websites to reflect sales, promotions, or seasonal offerings can benefit from this flexibility.

Difference Between SEO and Google Ads

Now that you have got a basic understanding of what AdWords and SEO are, let’s compare them.

  • While SEO best practices apply to all search engines, Adwords is for Websites and webpages that use Google Adsense.
  • While organic traffic is free, Adwords traffic is paid.
  • In some circumstances, you can get one of the top positions in the Adwords ads that appear at the top and bottom of Google search results, but SEO requires much more effort to rank highly in the organic search results.
  • In contrast to SEO, which takes a lot more time (especially for new websites) to achieve good rankings and traffic, Adwords allows you to create advertising campaigns almost immediately and begin receiving targeted traffic.
  • Since there are many more variables at play than just ad spending and revenue, it is simpler to calculate the ROI for Adwords than SEO.
  • The traffic stops when your AdWords campaigns end, but once you start receiving organic traffic from SEO, this will last for a while.
  • In contrast to SEO, where you should concentrate on a small number of keywords for the best results, Adwords allows you to target multiple keywords at once.
  • Adwords allows you to place advertisements on websites that are both Google-owned and that use Google Adsense, whereas SEO results are only relevant to the search results pages.

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of SEO

  • Excellent long-term remedy for improved Google ranking
  • Obtain organic traffic to reduce abandonment rates.
  • Not required to pay for clicks
  • Customer trust is higher than advertising trust
  • Search engines like Google favour optimised websites.

Benefits of Google Ads

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Get listed at the top of the first page or in the top 5 website results quickly
  • Can specify local targeting near your business or by zip code
  • Set the times you want to appear for particular keywords or phrases.
  • Track leads or conversions
  • Make specific remarketing lists to target with display ads.

Best For Online Marketing

The overall advantages of SEO and AdWords vary considerably, but both are regarded as internet marketing strategies that will give your expanding business the best possible exposure and attract qualified prospects to your website.

While SEO is better for long-term Google ranking, Google Ads are better for quick, top-of-page results. SEO is preferable if money is more of a concern than time. Google Ads are a better option for you if you want to rank high on the first page of search results, say, starting next week. The best approach, if you can, is to combine the two because they are highly effective.


You can initially concentrate more on Google Ads to obtain top-of-page results quickly, and as your SEO ranking rises, you can reduce your Google Ads budget in line with that improvement. You should now be able to distinguish between running an SEO campaign and a Google Ads campaign. Your online search strategy won’t have any gaps if you do it this way.