How to Improve CTR with Impression Share? – A Guide to Boosting Performance

How to Improve CTR with Impression Share? - A Guide to Boosting Performance

By increasing your ad’s proportion of impressions while creating digital campaigns, you can ensure that your efforts and profits are maximized. Increasing your impression share can assist increase both engagement and income because it shows how well your advertisement is working in relation to its whole potential audience.

If only a small portion of your target audience is being engaged, it is often a smart idea to start by analyzing your impression share. You can move your ads to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and increase campaign engagement by increasing this value.

This article will define impression share and outline the various types that your marketing team can monitor while running an online advertisement campaign.

What is Impression Share?

How to Improve CTR with Impression Share? - A Guide to Boosting Performance

An advertising parameter called impression share examines the effectiveness of your advertisements with the performance of other ads in the same category. By comparing the overall number of impressions it has got to the anticipated number of impressions, this is established.

An impression is registered each time your advertisement shows on a website. Ads have the ability to generate more impressions for a variety of reasons, especially when they are pertinent, visually appealing, and keyword-rich.

Different Types of Impression Share

Your business can evaluate a variety of impression share types to increase engagement for its advertising initiatives. They are:

  • Search Impression Share: The search impression share is the percentage of impressions that your ad receives on a search network. Your ad’s actual images are split by the number of impressions that are theoretically possible on the search network. If you have a little daily budget with Google, your ad will stop appearing after you reach your budget.
  • Display Impression Share: You can increase your ad placements in display campaigns to increase impression share, but you’ll also need to increase your budget to cover this increase. Nonetheless, you can reduce placements to lower the cost of your campaign, but doing so will reduce how frequently your advertisement appears.
  • Target Impression Share: Target Impression Share is a method for automatically bidding on advertisements. This tool can be used to establish your campaign’s automated bids, which will increase the likelihood that your ad will show up at the top of the SERP.
  • Exact Match Impression Share: This statistic compares the number of searches that had exact matches for your keywords with the number of impressions that your ad actually received. Use precise match impression share to increase your adverts and concentrate on your keywords.

How to Improve CTR with Impression Share?

 how to improve ctr with impression share

Follow the guidelines to improve the Ad CTR to get more impression share for your business.

Improve Your Quality Score

A Quality Score is a “rating” that Google gives your keywords on a scale of 1 to 10. Everything is great above a seven, average between a four and a five, and requires work below a three.

There are three components to the Quality Score:

You can estimate a greater Quality Score, which can result in a bigger impression share if you concentrate on enhancing these three areas. Make sure your landing pages and ad copy are optimized for conversions and fit the intent of your keywords and the searches users are making by working with your marketing partner.

Use Ad Extension

Use every piece of the advertising space. You can display more facts, functions, services, contact information, or specific links to particular web pages on your website with ad extensions.

The addition of ad extensions is free. A variety of ad extensions are available through the Google Search Network, including reviews, price extensions, and contact information.

The advertising stands out because of the ad extensions’ ability to make the ad language appear larger. The more details you can include in your advertisement, the more likely it is to be relevant to your target demographic and, consequently, to generate more clicks.

Utilize Smart Bidding Strategies

Utilize Smart Bidding Strategies

As automation has become more prevalent, Google AdWords has really upped its game with clever bidding tactics.

The most advantageous aspect of smart bidding is that Google will automatically place your ads in auctions where you have a greater probability of generating clicks. Entering more targeted, concentrated auctions will increase your click-through rate.

There are now fully functional, clever bidding strategies available. Even though they might not be perfect, when used appropriately, they can greatly improve the effectiveness of your commercials.

Generate attractive Ad Copy

Your adverts should stand out from those of your competitors if they are well-written. Your CTR is likely to fall if your competitor’s ads can be substituted for yours.

The individuals click on your ad rather than one from a competitor, to highlight your unique selling propositions. Considering these USPs while you write your advertisements will distinguish you from the competition.

Build Keyword Groups with a Tight Perspective

The creation of several Ad Groups and accounts with varied keyword combinations is encouraged by the way the entire Ads interface is organized. The problem with this is that it changes how the keywords and advertisement content of each Ad Group relate to one another when there are many keywords in a single Ad Group.

It’s unlikely that the keyword the user is searching for will appear in the ad that appears when they enter a term in your ad group with more than 20 keywords. The result is detrimental to your keywords’ and adverts’ click-through rates and quality scores.

Condensing themes or keywords into smaller groups and ensuring that the ad copy contains the keywords at least twice is the strategy.

Highlight Pricing in Ad Copy

Highlight Pricing in Ad Copy

This one is primarily for e-commerce websites, and while it’s true that you can do it with ad extensions, doing so can frequently increase CTR.

Particularly if your price is less expensive than that of your rivals and anyone looking at your and their adverts side by side may immediately tell that.

Why does it function? It works because it provides more information to the individual viewing your advertisement without requiring them to take any further action (like clicking your ad). People are more inclined to consider clicking your ad and possibly making a purchase if you make it easier for them to discover your offerings.


In conclusion, impression share is a crucial metric for any advertiser looking to optimize their ad campaigns in Google Ads. By tracking impression share, advertisers can gain insights into the reach and visibility of their ads, as well as identify areas for improvement. With the right strategies and tactics, such as increasing bids, refining targeting, and improving ad quality, advertisers can increase their impression share and maximize the impact of their ad spend.

It’s important to keep in mind that impression share should be used in conjunction with other metrics, such as click-through rate and conversion rate, to fully evaluate the success of an ad campaign.