Student Blogs – Top 5 Best Blogs In Dubai

Student Blogs - Top 5 Best Blogs In Dubai

Individuals and corporations have frequently adopted blogging for casual internet postings. Blogs’ teaching potential is becoming more widely recognized. Blogs may facilitate group discussions, peer reviews, and collaborative projects. Writing on a topic is more intriguing than merely reading about it.

Blogging provides pupils with the chance to communicate their ‘unique voices’. Students can develop their communication and conversation skills by commenting on other people’s posts or responding to feedback on their blogs. Blogging can also teach students to be polite and conscientious.

Blogging improves students’ critical thinking and raises their learning level beyond simply “knowing” and “remembering” teaching content. Students must first examine the material and then clarify their opinions about it before they can write it down. They must then carefully construct and defend their own beliefs. In addition, blogging allows students to consider how their ideas may be understood and remarked upon by others.

So let’s see the best student blogs suitable for your children and you.

Top 5 best student blogs in Dubai

1. Education Zone

Education Zone


Education Zone operates under a customer-focused, professional management style with clearly defined targets and commitments. They focus on the student, not the school, locate the best match and put the student appropriately. Education Zone employees are well-known for providing their candidates personalized and compassionate service.

Education Zone works with foreign universities and institutes that are recognized by all ministries in the GCC nations. In addition, they recruit on behalf of numerous famous universities and institutes of technology worldwide.

2. UAE News 24/7

UAE News


Fascinating News Blog is the focus of UAE News 24/7. The online portal accommodates Arabic and English information to reach a larger audience and visitors. Numerous categories are included, covered, and featured, from retail to real estate, fashion to food, trade to tech, health to hospitality, awareness to education, and various other topics. In brief, our team will bring you the most recent news from the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the GCC and MENA area.

3. Lincoln University of Business & Management

Lincoln University of Business & Management


The sole goal behind the creation of LUBM is to provide working professionals with continuing education that they can immediately utilize in their work environment. In April 2014, professionals from various areas joined forces with academicians to form LUBM.

Lincoln University of Commerce & Management has learned and improved in collaboration with its partners to deliver excellent programs tailored to working professionals. The concept is adaptable while preserving the core of high-quality education. They use a blended delivery methodology that includes pre-learning, recorded sessions, an intelligent interactive platform, workshops, and conferences.

4. Royal Teaching

Royal Teaching


Royal Teaching offers education enrichment services to assist students in achieving academic and personal goals through one-on-one individualized instruction and extracurricular programs tailored to their specific needs.

With their exclusive governess services, Royal Teaching ensures that local and foreign families are wholly supported throughout their child’s development. All the governesses are university graduates with teaching credentials and experience working in schools and private homes.

They collaborate to create holistic, personalized learning programs that support and extend your child’s learning. They examine areas for emotional, social, and academic development and provide your children with methods to boost self-confidence and prepare them for a future where they know they can flourish as vital, confident, resilient, and self-reliant young adults.

5. Dubai Education Guide Blog

Dubai Education Guide Blog


Discover Your Knowledge Hub. Students in Dubai can choose from various undergraduate and postgraduate programs at colleges and institutions. Dubai is home to foreign institutions, branch campuses, and private and public colleges.

Dubai education guide blog offers educational enrichment support to help students achieve academic and personal objectives through one-on-one individualized learning and extracurricular activities tailored to their needs.

Why is Educational Blog needed for students?

Here is the reason why they need that:

Reading books has become an antiquated idea for most individuals since they can acquire more accurate information via the internet. As a result, blogs are an excellent approach to providing learning and keeping current on many topics. A blog/article should be informational, up-to-date, and concise.

There are now online materials, concept videos, and explanations available that are valuable for school/college. If students cannot keep up with their studies, everything is available online. Nowadays, studying has become a lot easier.

Uses of educational blogs

uses of student blogs

As an internet medium, educational blogs offer enormous academic potential. There are several methods to use an educational blog that provides numerous benefits. Weblogs are classified into two types:

1. Instructor Weblog:

Teachers are mainly employed as an extra communication channel for students and student weblogs. Teacher weblogs often include course management information, course material, and general commentary about their learning progress, among other things.

2. Student blog:

These blogs, often known as learning weblogs or project weblogs, are published by students.

Both are tremendously beneficial to instructors and students. Because most individuals rely on online materials available on the internet for study or skill enhancement, they should be current and valuable. This is where our website’s original blogs/articles come into play. Several pupils dislike reading books. Therefore pieces come in helpful in their situation. Articles and blogs are simple to read, accessible, and informative.


Education may be viewed as the essence of a person. It comes in a variety of forms. Educational blogs are also popular. Great academic blogs are valuable tools for educators, students, parents, and others. Depending on the situation, they are an excellent approach to extracting information. Blogs may let people connect and exchange information all around the world.

There are several blogs available on the internet. If you investigate it, you will find a number of them that can be useful to you. An educational blog is a personal journal in which a person chronicles and discusses experiences or writes and publishes material.

And finally, thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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