What is the Google Knowledge Panel? & How to Claim it?

What is the Google Knowledge Panel?& How to Claim it?

Have you ever immediately Googled a famous person’s name to learn more about them? If this is the case, you will likely see a panel with information about the personality as well as further resources and links in the results. That panel is the Google Knowledge panel. In this blog, we will sincerely tell you about Google Knowledge Panel and how to claim one for your business.

What is Google Knowledge Panel?

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, consumers don’t always have time to dig into your company’s history and general reputation. Instead, most people who use Google Search are seeking a fast snapshot of information about their search topic.

To increase brand awareness, businesses must ensure vital brand information is easily accessible and consumable on the web. This is where the Google Knowledge Panel comes in.

When a user searches for that topic, Google Knowledge Panels are informational panels about a well-known person, location, or business that appear on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). On mobile devices, they appear above or in the middle of the search results, whereas, on desktop computers, they appear on the right side of the search results.

google knowledge panel

They provide a concise overview of facts on your search topic and a link to that entity’s Wikipedia page if one exists. Knowledge panels are rich results that Google has split to stand out and help people find answers more quickly. As search engines like Google and Bing extend the number of issues that trigger a high-quality result, knowledge panels are becoming increasingly essential.

Why is Google Knowledge Panel Important?

Knowledge panels can be incredibly beneficial to your company. They assist your company in being identified and standing out from the competitors. It’s one of the first things your target audience will notice when searching for a product, business or person.

With a top-right placement, you will dominate the search results. The attention is drawn to the information since it is boxed off. This is highly advantageous in terms of generating relevant leads interested in your company.

It also gives your audience fast access to your company’s information. If they like what they see in the SERPs, they can contact your company. The Google knowledge panel helps generate leads and convert them into sales.

Components of Google Knowledge Panel

When you observe a local company knowledge panel, you will see that it contains several components. The following are some of the elements you can anticipate seeing on this panel.

Photos and videos: They are displayed at the top of the list. The photographs and videos comprise information posted by your company and pictures taken by your customers. On your end, make sure to include plenty of high-quality content to provide your viewers with a thorough understanding of your company.

Photos and videos

Maps: When your listing shows in the knowledge panel, it is accompanied by a Google Map. A pin on that map indicates the location of your company. Check that your pin is pointing to the correct address for your business.

Business name: This is your company’s formal name. It would be best if you double-checked that your company’s name is properly formatted in accordance with Google’s guidelines. Use no nicknames or acronyms to replace your company’s entire name.

Website Button: The webpage button is one of the most crucial aspects of the Google knowledge panel. It directs readers to your company’s website and encourages them to learn more about it. Check that the link from your page takes them to the proper spot on your website.

Reviews: They significantly impact whether someone chooses your company or the competition. Encourage prior customers to post reviews about their experience if you want to see the most impact from your business being displayed in the Google knowledge panel.

While these are not the only features in the Google knowledge panel, they are some of the most important characteristics of your listing. Make sure your listing is up-to-date and correct.

How to Claim Google Knowledge Panel for Your Business?

The fundamental question about knowledge panels is how to get one. First, understand that there are two types of Google Knowledge Panels,

  • Local panels
  • Brand panels

The distinction is usually determined by a person’s physical location and if the search topic is a local, national, or global entity. Another significant distinction is that Google selects who receives a branded or personal panel. Still, local businesses must satisfy certain criteria and make their own efforts to be considered for a local panel.

Because a person or a multinational corporation cannot construct a knowledge panel on their own, the best you can do is position your brand or company in such a way that Google will consider you for a panel. These procedures include building a Wikipedia page for your entity and categorising your website sections with Schema Markup.

Local Panels

Local Panels

Google may give well-known local businesses a local knowledge panel to display relevant information when someone searches for them in their area. The panel will only appear within the geographical area of the businesses.

Start by creating a Google Business Profile account if you are a local business and want Google to display a local panel for you. After that, you’ll be able to claim your account by proving that you own that firm. After you’ve been validated, you’ll be able to add or change any relevant information about your company to keep your knowledge panel up to date and correct.

If you search for your entity and find an unclaimed knowledge panel, check for a “Claim this knowledge panel” button at the bottom of the panel. You can use it to verify that it is your entity, and you add or edit the panel’s information.

Remember that just because you’ve verified your Google account doesn’t mean you’ll get a knowledge panel. Google will ultimately decide who gets a panel and who does not.

Brand Panels

Brand Panels

You are not eligible to apply for a branded or personal knowledge panel. Google chooses who deserves this honour. Google will construct a panel for the SERPs if your organisation or brand has enough authority and impact. Knowledge panels are most likely to be seen on Wikipedia articles for well-known brands and personalities. Not all brand knowledge panels require a Wikipedia article, although it makes things much easier.

Final Thoughts

Google Knowledge Panels can be a valuable asset to your company’s reputation. If you own a local business, you should do all in your power to obtain a local panel. If you already have a branded/personal panel, make sure you keep the information displayed clean by practising proper online business reputation management.