Advanced SEO – Techniques to Boost the Ranking

Advanced SEO - Techniques to Boost the Ranking

When you work in a competitive industry, you must do more than the basic essentials to succeed with SEO. You need to advance your organic search approach if you want it to promote company expansion, boost traffic, and result in more conversions.  And doing so requires understanding and implementing advanced SEO strategies that can give you a competitive edge. In this blog, we will explain the techniques involved in advanced SEO to boost the SERPs’ ranking.

Advanced SEO

advanced seo

Any SEO tactics requiring a certain level of expert knowledge are referred to as advanced SEO. Although it differs from person to person, let’s say that it’s unlikely that you will be capable of mastering these in your first few months.

Advanced SEO generally means using somewhat complex technical concepts and a deeper comprehension of how Google’s algorithm and other SEO tools function to achieve better and faster ranking. However, anyone with the proper strategic vision and practical application can learn advanced concepts.

Why Do We Have to Use Advance SEO?

Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are essential for several reasons:

Better ranking on search engine result pages

Advanced SEO techniques can help your website rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). This can lead to more organic traffic to your website and increase your online visibility.

Improved user experience

Advanced SEO techniques can improve the user experience on your website.  Enhanced engagement and better conversion rates may result from this.

Competitive advantage

Advanced SEO techniques can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Optimising your website better can attract more traffic and customers than your competitors.

Greater ROI

You can generate a greater return on investment (ROI) by implementing advanced SEO techniques. This is because you target the right audience and attract more qualified leads to your website.

Overall, advanced SEO techniques are crucial for businesses that want to maximise their online presence, attract more traffic, and increase revenue.

Top Techniques Involved in Advanced SEO

Top Techniques Involved in Advanced SEO

Now let’s examine the most essential  SEO strategies and other  SEO tips that can assist you in maintaining your organic search visibility and boosting traffic to your online services. Concentrating your efforts on sophisticated on-page SEO is beneficial for those who want to see immediate changes that are also effective.

Upgrade The Existing Content

When developing your content strategy, it can be tempting to start from scratch by producing new content, but for most websites, upgrading and enhancing existing content comes first. In addition, it requires time for new content to rank and generate related traffic.

Publishing material and seeing it immediately appear at the top of the SERPs is uncommon. Wishing it were that simple. However, if you update your current content, you might see quick traffic and ranking gains. But how do you update already-published content, and why is it so important?

If you were reviewing previous material, look for chances to enhance it based on the following two considerations:

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Several factors make a flexible or mobile-friendly website essential, including:

  • Mobile devices are responsible for over 50% of all Internet usage.
  • Mobile devices are used for over 40% of internet transactions.

Not to mention that Google now crawls and indexes websites first on mobile devices as the concept of mobile-first indexing. This indicates that rather than viewing your website from the viewpoint of a computer, its spiders or crawlers do so. Therefore, you need a responsive website for both consumers and Google.

To create and launch your responsive site, you’ll need a web developer with experience unless you use a website builder like WordPress. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool if you’re unsure whether or not your website is mobile-friendly.

Perform SEO Audit

Each page of your website must have a particular purpose. Therefore, it would be best to actively search for underperforming content to improve to ensure it fulfils its original goal.

Conducting a content audit is a valuable strategy to use in order to identify the pages that are affecting the performance of the rest of your website.

One of the most crucial advanced SEO tactics you can use is performing an audit of your website’s SEO performance. You’ll get a good amount of valuable information about the performance of your website by doing this.

seo audit

An SEO audit will provide a thorough analysis of your website’s optimisation. Your audit will assist you, among other things, in identifying problems with how Google may or may not be indexing.

Build an Internal Linking Process

When a search engine crawler is scanning your website and indexing the pages, a closed door, such as a page with no internal links to it, can slow or stop the crawler in its tracks.

 Your company depends on crawlers and indexers when it comes to SEO. Without more time, the bots crawl your site, and your website has less chance of appearing in top search results, meaning it will lack receiving the clicks, organic traffic, sales, leads, or income you hoped for from SEO.

Although linking to internal content on your own website is beneficial for SEO, these links don’t have the same impact as external links. However, it’s a good idea to implement it to build a website structure that draws visitors in for as long as possible.

Consider all the posts you might connect to when writing a new post; don’t limit yourself to your most well-liked ones. Internal links offer a chance to increase traffic to articles that are having trouble attracting readers. Make sure to include terms in your internal linking and the anchor text when you do so.

Stop Focus Keyword Cannibalization

The practice of using the same target keyword to optimise multiple pieces of content is known as keyword cannibalisation. The main takeaway from this is that your website will fight with itself for Google rankings. Instead of repeatedly using the same keyword to rank, try to improve your existing content. A different strategy is to choose a variation of that keyword and attempt to rank for it.

Use Topic Cluster

The fact that topic clusters enable you to group content pieces that demonstrate topical knowledge and relevance makes them an effective SEO strategy.

Consider it this way, if you only have one piece of content on your website about a particular matter or subject, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an expert in that field. But a whole collection of articles that are closely linked to one another and use internal links to show how they are connected in terms of a topic? That’s a completely distinct play.

By creating a group of related content around a central topic, you can signal to search engines that your website is an authority on that topic. This can help improve your website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords.

Topic clusters allow visitors to easily find related content on your website, which can improve their experience and keep them on your site longer. This can also increase their chances of converting into a lead or customer.


You must go beyond the fundamentals when using SEO in highly competitive sectors. Understanding the more advanced techniques will help you put better strategies into practice that will boost your SEO and set you apart from the competition.

Even though you currently rank in high-ranking positions, you should always be on the lookout for strategies your rivals aren’t employing and methods to improve your organic visibility, such as using the best SEO tools.