What is Dofollow Link? – And its Importance

What is Dofollow Link? - And its Importance

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), dofollow links are links that allow search engine bots to crawl and follow the link to the destination page. In other words, these links pass link juice or authority from one website to another, which may increase the ranking of the target page on search engine result pages (SERPs).

In this article, you will get to know about what are Dofollow links and their importance in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is Dofollow Link?

What is Dofollow Link? - And its Importance

Links that Google and other search engines can use to link back to your website or blog are known as dofollow links.

This means that each time you include a dofollow link on your website, it may point back to you, which increases your authority by letting search engines know what other websites, blogs, and postings are linking to you. It is also known as a link with no “nofollow,” “UGC,” or “sponsored” attribute.

Why Dofollow Links are Important for SEO?

Dofollow links are important for SEO because they pass link equity from other sites to your website, strengthening the authority of your web pages and increasing your website’s rankings in the SERPs.

Dofollow links transfer PageRank value for SEO, which is a key indicator of a website’s quality and relevance. In addition, having dofollow backlinks from high-quality sites can increase your SEO efforts and boost your traffic.

The benefits of dofollow links in SEO include being a trust signal, improving PageRank, and it helps search crawlers index content more efficiently.

Dofollow links can also aid boost a website’s authority if they originate from reputable and reliable sources.

The Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow links

First, let’s define how link building functions inside SEO so that we may better comprehend the distinctions between nofollow and dofollow links.

That refers to what happened each time a website or blog receives a new link that could raise its Google ranking.

We may say that each new link raises your chances of getting more visitors and higher positioning in search engines, much like adding new blog content increases the likelihood that your audience will find you.

Since there are so many internal and external links connecting to your website, Google’s algorithm will naturally conclude that the blog must be excellent if there are so many links to it.

How to Make a Dofollow link?

How to Make a Dofollow link

Most of the time, no action is necessary to establish a dofollow link. Search engines will naturally see your page and raise your overall PageRank if another website links to yours and doesn’t add the nofollow tag.

The same applies if you have links on your website. You might, for instance, decide to incorporate connections to other respected websites into your material and permit search engines to follow these links.

Until you are certain that it makes sense to follow the link back, you might wish to put on automatic nofollow tags when possible or make sure that all links contain the nofollow tag if you have been asked by another company to include their links on your website or are monitoring blog comments.

This is especially important if other links go to content that is of poor quality or overstuffed with keywords because this could reflect adversely on your website.

 Dofollow is the best option for external links from reliable websites that point back to your page. Only if the outgoing link site is reliable and pertinent can links that point outside your site be dofollowed and linked from your posts or attached to comments on your material.

Strategies to Gain Dofollow Links

Gaining dofollow links can be accomplished through a variety of tactics:

Guest Post

Once you’ve identified your niche, you can approach websites that offer comparable services and products and ask to contribute a guest blog.

Then, at the end of the blog or in your author bio, you can put a link to your website.

This is a fantastic link-building technique. But make sure the blogs are well-written, timely, and well-researched.

Establish Relationships with others in your field

Building relationships with others in your industry can be extremely beneficial for your professional growth and success.

Building strong relationships with people who sell comparable goods or produce comparable content might be helpful for link-building. The stronger your bond becomes, the more probable it is that they will use you as a resource on a particular subject.

Create Quality Content

 what is dofollow link

Creating informative, engaging and high-quality content is a great way to attract natural dofollow links from other websites.

This is a very efficient method for generating dofollow links and a lot of traffic. Simply look for articles on a particular topic that has received lots of backlinks in the past. Keyword searching works well in this case.

Then produce material that is ten times as good as the original. Promote your content after that to notice an increase in dofollow links.

Create Ultimate Guide

Make an accurate “ultimate guide” on a subject in which you are an expert. Choose a subject that will interest a wide range of readers while yet being relevant to the rest of your content. Subtopic division will enable you to construct a comprehensive guide for your product.

Creating an ultimate guide requires careful planning, research, and execution. Some of the steps to follow are Choosing a topic, researching, outlining, Writing and adding visuals, Editing, and Publication and promotion.

By following these steps, you can create an ultimate guide that provides value to your audience and establishes your expertise in your field.


In conclusion, a dofollow link is a type of hyperlink that passes link equity or “link juice” to the website being linked to, helping to improve its search engine rankings. Unlike nofollow links, dofollow links allow search engine crawlers to follow the link and attribute authority and relevance to the linked website.

However, it’s important to note that excessive use of dofollow links or obtaining them through spammy tactics can result in penalties from search engines, so it’s important to use them strategically and in moderation. Hope, this article helps you to get an overview of the dofollow links and their importance.