International Banks in Dubai – Top 10 Best Banks For Global Businesses

Top 10 International Banks in Dubai

Why do you need to have a bank account in Dubai? Even though it might seem simple, you must register a bank account to start a business in the UAE. However, it might soon feel overwhelming when you begin studying in Dubai’s foreign banks. There are several international banks in Dubai which can facilitate access to banking and financial services around the Middle East.

In terms of overall early-stage business intention and the expected rate for job creation, the UAE performs significantly better than the worldwide average. Therefore, any entrepreneur may find it appealing to set up a shop in Dubai, regardless of where they are from. Banks in the UAE handle all aspects of managing funds, including obtaining debit and credit cards.

And finally, in this article, I will list the top 10 most trustable international banks in UAE.

Top 10 International Banks in Dubai

1. FAB – First AbuDhabi Bank

FAB - First AbuDhabi Bank

FAB is one of the most visited and top-rated banks in Dubai. This Bank is among the best international banks for Dubai expatriates and Dubai nationals. The FAB Company is an equity-based bank in Dubai. They offer tailor-made solutions and products to their customers.

FAB bank always provides friendly customer service to its customers, which will help their customers to their shareholder’s financial growth. It has a wide range of networks with branches worldwide. Their popular products are FAB personal loans and FAB credit cards, the personal loan starts from 1.62%, and for FAB credit card holders, the interest rates start from 3.25%.

2. Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD

The Emirates NBD is the top-most second international Bank in the UAE. The National Bank of Dubai (NBD) and Emirates Bank International (EBI) merged in 2007, resulting in the most excellent amalgamation ever as it brought together the 2nd and fourth most prominent banks in the UAE to create a banking empire with the most extensive GCC asset base.

They provide some unique services, such as factoring and Wakala deposit services. Their bank loan ranges from 2.38%, and their credit card interest rate starts from 1.49%.



The ADCB bank is ranked in the top 3 international banks in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi Investment Council, which works closely with the Abu Dhabi government, owns 58% of its shares. The ADCB bank provides personal loans as well as a business loans for their customers.

They offer some unique services, such as an offshore account, which allows you to handle several currencies from anywhere in the globe and Treasury services.

4. DIB – Dubai Islamic Bank

DIB - Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank has been awarded as one of the best Islamic banks in the country. The Bank reserves a close, personal relationship with its clients built on trust. Dubai Islamic Bank offers personal loans ranging from 6%, and their credit card investment starts from 0 to 3.25%.

Their unique services include Johara ladies, utilizing cutting-edge technology to offer various new financial solutions compliant with Sharia and Investment products-Islamic Sukuk.

5. ADIB – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

ADIB - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has 460 ATMs and 70 branches. It has public ownership. ADIB works hard to keep its commitments. In addition to managing its company to maximize value creation for its customers, shareholders, workers, and the communities in which it works, ADIB is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen.

ADIB Bank personal loan starts from 3.44%, and ADIB card holders’ interest rate is 2.99%.

6. NBF – National Bank of Fujairah

NBF - National Bank of Fujairah

The National Bank of Fujairah has established itself as one of the leading financial institutions in the area.

The 2017 Banker Middle East United Arab Emirates Product Awards recognized NBF Capital Limited for “Best Corporate Advisory Service,” “Best Treasury Management,” “Best SME Internet Banking Service,” “Best SME Trade Finance Offering,” and “Best Customer Service – Corporate & Investment Banking.” In addition, they are providing unique services like NBF Elham and Tasdeed prepaid cards.

7. Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank

This Bank is one of the growth-wise emerging banks in the region. This Bank has recently begun registering a solid market share in the UAE. Mashreq bank has 42 banks and 393 ATMs in Dubai.

Banking services include personal banking, corporate banking, business banking, international banking, Islamic brokerage (which means trading in Sharia-compliment financial products), and Mashreq gold. For their customers, the Personal loan interest rate starts from 2.99%.

8. RAK Bank – National Bank of Ras AI-Khaimah

RAK Bank - National Bank of Ras AI-Khaimah

RAK Bank is a government joint venture company in the UAE. The RAK bank was founded in 1976. this Bank has 36 offices today, and the Bank provides a wide range of services for both personal and commercial banking, including mobile and internet banking options.

Additionally, it offers Sharia-compliant personal and commercial banking services through its Islamic Banking Group, RAK Islamic. The Bank provides small business services and regular and Islamic wholesale banking through a network of 36 locations and 296 ATMs across the UAE. This Bank’s credit card range starts from 2.95-3.19%.

9. Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank

One of the four Islamic banks in the nation, Emirates Islamic, originally known as the Emirates Islamic Bank, was established in 2004. In the UAE, Emirates Islamic has 39 ATMs and about 50 branches.

EIB is one of the best banks in Dubai and provides Shari-compliant products. In addition, Emirates Islamic Bank offers products and services that benefit stakeholders and their customers.

10. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is an international bank with locations worldwide and is located in the United Arab Emirates. In 1958, Sharjah saw the opening of its first branch. Both traditional and Islamic banking services and goods are offered by it. Their popular products include standard chartered Xtra saver account and standard chartered saadiq personal finance.