How to Create a Pillar Page and Its Essential for SEO?

How to Create a Pillar Page and Its Essential for SEO?

Effectively implementing topic clusters as a content strategy for increasing website traffic and user engagement is remarkable. And the huge pillar page serves as their effective engine.

Certainly, SEO experts have been using pillars and clusters for quite some time. But because the technique might go unaddressed in many ways, they never truly gained widespread acceptance. When carried out incorrectly, they may even severely affect your SEO.

But when performed appropriately, pillar pages may increase productivity, traffic, conversions, and user experience significantly. They therefore actually support your SEO. In this article, you will learn about what is pillar page and how to create an effective pillar page for Search Engine Optimization process.

What is Pillar Page?

A pillar page is a landing page on your website that specializes in a crucial subject, resource, commodity, or service. Users and search engines can easily access a large amount of content that is topically relevant.

How to Create a Pillar Page and Its Essential for SEO?

A topic cluster is constructed using pillar pages as its foundation. A pillar page provides comprehensive coverage of the subject on a single page with space for more in-depth reporting in cluster blog entries that link back to the pillar page.

How can Pillar Pages Enhance SEO?

The Pillar Page technique is essential for winning over searchers’ trust and expanding your online exposure.

It enhances your SEO in the following ways:

  • Increasing topical authority: Clusters cover every facet of a specific issue, which raises the authority of your site on that topic.
  • Optimizing search engine and user navigation: The user experience is enhanced by well-structured content, which also helps Google grasp the goal of your website.
  • Avoiding keyword cannibalization: It’s simpler to organize your content with topic clusters and prevent problems with keyword cannibalization.
  • Improving your site’s interlinking: An efficient internal linking strategy is simpler to establish when pillar pages and subject clusters are used.
  • Creating backlinks: Compared to standard blog entries, pillar pages are helpful tools that frequently generate more backlinks for SEO.

How to Create a Pillar Page to Improve SEO?

After you know how to make subject clusters, you can use them as a starting point to write new material or edit the content of your website.

Choose the Topic You Want to Rank for

The first step in creating a great pillar page is having a thorough understanding of the key topic you want to rank for. The easiest way to decide what to write about is to think about your target audience and try to fully address a subject that they need to assist with (that also pertains to your business).

You’ll want to rank for several different themes, and one site can be successful with various topic clusters. Yet, it’s crucial to concentrate on just one thing at a time, as doing otherwise may confuse your audience and undermine your efforts.

Perform Keyword Research

You should enter the particular topic of your pillar page into a keyword research tool as soon as you have a general idea of it. They enable you to discover which keywords have the most searches over a specific period (often monthly), as well as how competitive each search term is.

How to Create a Pillar Page and Its Essential for SEO?

After that, the keywords for the topic you have entered in the tool will be displayed on the results page which is shown below represented image.

how to create a pillar page

Identify your Pillar vs Cluster Keywords

Your hub/pillar page will often focus on a broad, high-volume keyword related to the subject. The primary headers and sections of your pillar page should then be determined by the long-tail keywords that occur under that keyword, which will then determine which keywords to target with your cluster pages.

Check out our keyword research guide for additional assistance. As an alternative, you might work with an SEO company that specializes in keyword research.

Create a Quality Content

Create a Quality Content

You should take care of your on-page SEO for each of your pillar page and cluster pages since they are both targeting specific keywords. Make sure to use the target keywords in your article’s title, headings, body copy, meta descriptions, picture alt-tags, etc to create quality content.

This will make it easier for search engine crawlers to identify it and determine that your content deserves to be ranked as a result when someone searches for that term worldwide.

Although you must be empathetic of the robot crawlers that must scan your site, your goal is to ultimately provide information that’s valuable to your readers.

Ensure Proper Internal Linking and Page Clustering

You must include internal links to the cluster articles that expand on the ideas on your pillar page once it has been written.

These pages might not yet exist if you’re developing a brand-new topic cluster. You can do a site search to see if your site already has content on that topic if it is a larger site with a lot of existing content.

Just enter the following (without the quotation marks) into your browser’s URL bar: “ topic”

If you have written on the subject, it will appear on the next page of results, ranked by what the search engine deems to be the most pertinent to that phrase. To find specific occurrences of a phrase, you can alternatively search with the term in quote marks. Provide a link to the article that best expresses the idea that your pillar page is intended to support. Moreover, ensure that the articles in the cluster are linked to one another and to the article that serves as your pillar page.

Promote Pillar Pages

 how to create a pillar page


It should be your pillar pages if you’re planning to spend money on sponsored advertisements and/or social media exposure for any pages on your website.

A pillar page’s purpose is to serve as a standalone destination on the Internet. Therefore, be sure to emphasize what a fantastic resource it is for your target audience when you market it. You’d be doing them a favor if you didn’t get it in front of them because they’re going to want to read it.


Pillar pages are not only an excellent way to structure the content of your website, but they also could have a significant effect on SEO. By using pillar pages, you can speed up, streamline, and improve the usability of your website, making it easier for users and search engines to interact with it. Thus, this article completely guides you on how to create an effective pillar page to enhance your SEO.